The Lion & The Lamb: The Lamb of God

The Lion of Judah! What an image. Pastor Del talked about the power of Christ! His absolute supremacy. The lion has imagery that leaves our hearts encouraged and empowered.

This week I will be speaking about the Lamb of God. What thoughts are evoked at the image of a lamb? Cute, cuddly, warm, great on a kabob.

There are few images that have a greater contrast than the Lion and the Lamb. Lions are powerful, regal, wild, uncontrollable. Lambs are weak, helpless, tame. How can Christ be both? Or is my perspective skewed?

Most of us understand the deep meaning of what Christ, the Lamb, did for us. But we will interpret words like "a lamb led to slaughter" (Isa. 53:7) as though Jesus was powerless. Instead Jesus exerted ultimate power by doing nothing about his immediate situation. Read the passion account in the Gospels. How could absolute power do nothing? Unless we don't
understand what absolute power is.

Revelation 5:6-14 demonstrates that Jesus' sacrifice did more than we, His followers then or now, can imagine. We get a picture of an unassuming lamb, who is the only one worthy to unfold judgement and grace. That is power.

See you on Sunday to take a closer look at the Lamb of God.