Divinely simple...

Our family is back from almost two weeks in Alberta where Rob and I led worship at Sunset Point Family Camp. Why is it called Sunset Point? The land actually makes a point out onto the lake on one side of the camp and the sunsets are incredible night after night. (I mean, our Lake Huron sunsets are still way better but I didn't mention that to my Albertan friends!) Almost every morning, our camp speaker would show us a picture that he took of the sunset the night before and relate it back to our camp theme, "Possible", based on Matthew 19:26. He would emphatically remind us at the start of every service... 

What is humanly impossible is divinely simple.
— Donn Mann
Sunset Point at 10pm (PHOTO: Don Mann)

Sunset Point at 10pm
(PHOTO: Don Mann)

Huh. Think about that. What needs to be accomplished in your life that is humanly impossible? What is something that cannot be done through any manmade solution or method? Not only is it possible for God, it is divinely simple. For God, nothing is troublesome, difficult, worrisome or hard.

It's not a complicated thought but it has grabbed onto the edges my faith and my imagination throughout the last week. How restful and beautiful it is to believe this truth. How incredible is it to know the God who is never surprised, never sidetracked, and never stumped. What is humanly impossible is not just possible but divinely simple. 

So take a moment to let that sink into your heart. Find a sunset on Lake Huron or stare up at the stars, find something that could never be possible through human ability and remind your heart that you serve the God of the possible.

See you on Sunday,
P. Tracy


This Sunday...

P. Tracy shares some of the major themes from Ruth's life in our series Testify: Ancient Stories for Modern Times.

Ruth and Naomi experienced more heartache and trouble in their lives than seems fair. They both had their way of working their way through it and theirs became an incredible story of grace, redemption and proof-positive that God is always at work.

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