Thinking about Summer (and some opportunities not to miss)

(from July 6, 2017)

I've come to realize that being a Canadian in July and August is a unique experience. We grin and bear months of arctic temperatures and icy roads (some of us even enjoy the snow... weird) and then we get an incredible few months of beautiful weather to enjoy. Are you reading this email from a lawn chair somewhere? 

We are known to scatter, to use up every minute of warm daylight, to use all of our vacation days, to be unplugging, hard to reach and have our out-of-the-office auto responders on. It's pretty great. But sometimes when we break from our routine for an extended rest, we might miss some pretty great opportunities. 

Did you know that in the late part of August, church video providers like WorshipHouseMedia start promoting their September "Welcome Back to Church" content. There is an assumption that while we are taking a break from school and work, we are taking a break from our faith at the same time. If that's true, that's what I would call an opportunity lost.

So let me encourage you as we scatter to our different venues of rest and refreshing, to our concentrated family time, to fun and hopefully lots of laughs and marshmallows... find the opportunities that slowing down and taking a break bring to you. Maybe this is the time to dig into that book you haven't had time to read but you know will spark your faith. Maybe journaling your prayers isn't possible in your regular schedule but you find it life-giving and will have the chance to put pen to paper this summer. Maybe there are some people who you keep meaning to have over for dinner but you haven't been able to make it work. Here's an opportunity to fire up the barbecue and some great conversation.

There are so many things about these months of rest that can help to reignite and refresh your spiritual life. Take some time to think about how you can use these next few weeks to get quieter before God and hear something new. "Welcome Back Sunday"? Nah. I can't wait to hear what's in your heart all throughout and after this Canadian summer.

P. Tracy

The Dunhams are still in Alberta leading worship at a family camp this week. We can't wait to connect with you on July 16th after we get back!


This Sunday...

Bjorn continues in our series Testify: Ancient Stories for Modern Times with a message about Elijah.

"The display of God's power is what most of us in the modern church are looking for. We long to see the God of the Bible displayed. We think it will make people believe - we think it will make us believe. For the prophet Elijah we see, however, that display of power is not enough. Even he needed more." - Bjorn

You can also follow along with the message on YouVersion.

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