Thinking About Team (and how important it is)

(from June 29, 2017)

Teams are a big part of my life right now. Four evenings a week you can find me (or Rob, or both of us) on the sidelines of a baseball or soccer game, cheering for a team. Each game is long and includes many players. Because of that, one person or one play doesn't usually effect the outcome of the game. It's a combination of moments, hard work, skill and effort. The team that comes out on top is usually the one whose players took all of those factors and made them work together and had a sense of unity.

I've been thinking about that idea when it comes to the Church. We're in this Christ-following life for the long haul. We've decided to follow Jesus and that makes us a part of his Church, his "team", so-to-speak. Scripture uses the metaphor of a body and calls us a family when it comes to our relationship to one another and Christ. As each of us play our part, God does amazing things in and through us. 

The reason this is on my mind is because I've been hearing rumours about you. I have lost track of the number of times in past few weeks that I've heard how people are sending encouraging notes to one another, showing up in the middle of a crisis, meeting a need that was unknown to anyone else. I keep hearing over and over again how you are praying for one another and boldly asking God to intervene in someone's life or situation. And it makes my heart so very happy.

A church that recognizes who they are in the body of Christ and willingly and joyfully serve the team over the long run, that's a very exciting church to be a part of. I'm glad we're kingdom building together.

See you Sunday,
P. Tracy


Oh, and speaking of teams... Welcome Rob and Erin to our Freedom Staff team! New staff roles for a new chapter at our church... I can't wait. (I would insert a thumbs up emoji right here if this program would allow it!)


This Sunday...

Erin continues in our series Testify: Ancient Stories for Modern Times with her first of two messages on Gideon. 

During her message, Erin will be focusing on Judges 6:1-16 and talk about how we are all called to be "judges" in how we understand and operate in the power of God's presence. You can prepare your heart for the service by thinking about this... your ordinary task of today is often preparation for tomorrow's call. 

You can also follow along with the message on YouVersion.

Click HERE for this week's service link.