A Thursday Challenge (are you ready for something to chew on?)

I have an uncle who sends me a lot of articles. (Hi Uncle Frank!) He reads a lot and shares a lot and I very often find myself reading things that I wouldn't have otherwise seen. The best thing about having a personal library curator is that I have a chance to be challenged in my thinking, my theology, my discipleship practices, my leadership... and on and on it goes. I love to learn new things and to be challenged, especially when it comes to my walk with Christ which can get comfortable so quickly.

So for this week's devotional I wanted to share something that Uncle Frank sent to me recently. This one made me stop and think. It came back to mind while I was driving the kids to their activities. It came up in conversation over dinner. And now I give it to you as some food for thought. I hope you enjoy chewing on this one! (Click on the image below to read it.)

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

PS - You don't have to agree with everything a writer says (though you might) to be challenged by it. And don't be afraid to be surprised by what tugs at your heart.


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