Easter @ Freedom (I can't wait!)

Very simply today I want to invite you into a celebration of the best season of the year. You're invited to make the most out of every moment; dig a little deeper, pause a little longer, listen a little more closely, sing a little louder and experience even more gratitude for the life-transforming work of Christ in our lives. He truly is better than ALL.

Palm Sunday - March 25


Celebration with Kmotion and palm branches!

Good Friday - March 30 @ 10:00am

Family Communion Service

Easter Sunday - April 1

Come ready to worship.. Jesus is ALL!

Can't wait to see you all on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday...

Better Than Sacrifices

I don’t know if you have ever struggled with making the connection between the old covenant and the new covenant. All that stuff about the spilling of blood for the atonement of sin - why was that necessary? And, if it was important, then why is it not important now? Is the Old Testament obsolete and totally irrelevant? Sometimes the significance of where we are is only revealed in the knowledge of where we have come from. Let’s celebrate greater things together.

See you on Palm Sunday,

You can follow along with the message on YouVersion Events. Here's the link.