Better Things (let's read Hebrews together!)

On Sunday we started our "Better Than" series. Essentially, we are dropping into Hebrews to hear how the author sets up Christ's superiority to, well, everything. I do lament one thing... that we don't have time to do the whole book in this series. There is so much in Hebrews that helps us "be taken forward to maturity" (6:1) that we could spends many weeks camped right here. 

So, let's do something together between now and Easter Sunday (April 1). Let's read Hebrews. It has 13 jam-packed chapters with lots of opportunities to slow down, pray, dig deeper and discover more about who Jesus is.

YouVersion has a 13-day plan that I invite you to join on your device or on the website. (There are 24 days until Easter Sunday so you don't have to rush through it.) Go ahead and click the link to add the plan to your app or account. You can also search the app or site for "Deeper into Scripture: Hebrews" to find it.

Let's read and meditate on Hebrews together this month. I'm looking forward to digging into "better things" with you this Easter season.

See you on Sunday, 
Pastor Tracy

Click here for the Hebrews reading plan!

Click here for the Hebrews reading plan!

This Sunday...

Better Than Moses

Jesus is just better! Isn't He? You can tack anything on the end of that sentence and it would be true. This week we will be taking a look at Jesus being better than Moses. To us that seems like a no-brainer. The early Christians needed to be persuaded that their greatest hero could be eclipsed, but we know better - or can we fall into the same trap, ourselves? Let's explore on Sunday.

See you then,



You can follow along with the message on YouVersion Events. Here's the link.