Around the Table (did anyone grab the cranberries?)

In the last day or so there have been emails going back and forth between my family members getting the details straight for this weekend. Who is hosting? Who's making the potatoes? Did anyone remember cranberries? (This is one that I just thought about. Seriously though, did anyone in my family grab cranberries yet? Mom?)

For a lot of you there are similar messages going back and forth as you plan to be together with people that you love for a special meal this Thanksgiving. Maybe you have traditions to uphold. Maybe you have a great aunt who makes a sweet potato casserole that you look forward to all year.

But no matter how you manage to get around the table, what you eat or who carves the turkey, I hope you will find moments to practice gratitude. Being thankful is a lifestyle choice and this season can be so helpful to bring us back to the centre of recognizing the blessing and favour of God in our lives.

If you're in the middle of a difficult season and are struggling to find joy, let me encourage you to look to Jesus. In every circumstance His gift of life and freedom are always something to bring joy and hope.

Looking forward to celebrating His goodness with you on Sunday!

Pastor Tracy


This Sunday


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