No Substitute (the necessity of sharing hope in Christ)

This Sunday is the fifth Sunday in March... so, we're ready to celebrate something great about the life of the church with you. This week's theme is: the church's mission. We're going to explore the major ways that we reach beyond our own family and church community and impact the world for Christ. I know it's going to be encouraging and challenging. And, of course, there will be food! How can we celebrate being a part of the body of Christ without a meal? This potluck is all about bringing your favourite international dish. We will feast!

As plans were coming together for this service, I read this article by Tim Keller: How to Be More Public with Your Faith. It briefly outlines some of the reasons that it is difficult to share our faith while reminding us that there has perhaps never been more of a need to. Challenging to say the least. I wanted to leave this with you as food for thought as we prepare to meet together on Sunday and be reminded about the mission that we've been given as believers.

So go ahead and prepare your heart, your mind and your meal for Sunday morning!

See you then,
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

The Church’s Mission

Join us on Sunday at 10am as we celebrate church life together!

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