Let Us Pray (making time for what's important)

Regardless of your spiritual upbringing, your denominational background, or the current status of your faith, chances are good that you think that prayer is important. It's likely that you understand how vital it is to spiritual growth and to your overall walk with Christ. It's also likely that talking about prayer makes you feel: guilty (I know I should pray more!), bored (think: Saturday night prayer meetings as a child), confused (I never quite know what to say or do) or frustrated (I talk to God but never seem to hear from Him.)

While there are volumes and volumes of excellent teaching on prayer and countless seminars and sermons about practicing prayer, when it comes right down to it... do we pray?

What we want to encourage you to do this year is simply be intentional about praying. We want to link arms with you to pray for your needs, our church and for God to do amazing things in our community. We want to set time aside and use as many communication tools as possible to connect us together in prayer.

Sound interesting? We've created a new page on our website that highlights some new ways that we are putting prayer on our calendars, getting our hearts gathered in faith around needs and growing in our dependancy on God. Click the button below and you'll see:

  • Deep Roots

  • Fast & Pray Wednesday

  • A place for your prayer requests

  • Prayer Network: receive prayer requests and reminders

Also, you're going to start to see and read more about the prayer needs of Freedom on all of our platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the email devotional. We want you to know what needs you can bring to God, that your needs are being prayed over, that we are bringing our church and community ministries to Him and we are seeking His purposes in everything we do at Freedom.

So, check out the new page and join us. We are intentionally putting prayer on our calendars and linking arms to see what God might do in and through us. If you're a new to prayer - this is a great way to get started! If you're an experienced intercessor - thank you for joining with us! If you're ready to build new spiritual disciplines in your life - welcome to the challenge!

Joining my heart with yours,
Pastor Tracy

PS - Can't get this old Steven Curtis Chapman song out of my head... might as well share it!

This Sunday

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