What is Recurring? (the best kind of nagging)

I came across this devotional in Hearing God Through The Year: A 365-Day Devotional by Dallas Willard a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you. What a simple and potentially profound way to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us daily.


Recurring Thoughts

I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.
— Jeremiah 17:10

Recurring thoughts are important in God’s communication with us, as Russ Johnston points out in How to Know the Will of God:

“We would see wonderful results if we would deal with the thoughts that continue in our minds in a godly manner. But most people don’t. . . . As thoughts come into your mind and continue, ask God, “Do you really want me (or us) to do this?” Most of us just let those thoughts collapse—and God looks for someone else to stand in the gap.

“These recurring thoughts touch on every part of the self: family, possessions, profession and health; one’s fear of death; attitudes toward God; sexuality; preoccupation with reputation; concern with appearance and countless other areas of one’s life. Although recurring thoughts are not always an indication that God is speaking, they are not to be lightly disregarded.”

Pray: Sit quietly before God and ponder what recurring thoughts have come to you lately regarding the areas listed above. No matter how mundane these thoughts seem, bring them before God and ask him to help you see a next step, however small, you could take to act on them. This might be asking someone a question or writing a note.

(Willard, D., & Johnson, J. (2015). Hearing god through the year: a 365-day devotional. Westmont, IL: IVP Books.)


So, what is on your mind? Let me encourage you to find time for silence (turn off the music, podcast or Netflix) in your day and pay attention to what you're thinking. I work at being intentional about this when I fold laundry and other such mundane tasks and that's a good start if sitting still seems impossible to you. Truly, these recurring thoughts might be the most important "nagging" you'll ever experience - they might be leading you to transformation!

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