Pray Until You Pray (another great YouVersion plan)

We should seek to pray long enough and authentically enough that we move past formalism and unreality and begin to delight in God’s presence and esteem His will.

I've been switching up my devotional time over the summer and discovering some great reading plans in YouVersion. I loved this one because of how it combined prayer and scripture, helping me gain insight into both while I worked through it. Spoiler: On Day 1 the above quote appears, without much ado, but it stuck with me. You never know what the Holy Spirit might have in store for you when you step into His Word and presence day by day. So go ahead and subscribe to this plan (or any other one!) and use these beautiful summer days to build a new rhythm into your life. And for all of you who are already into plans like these, consider this a recommendation for what's next. 🙌

In Christ,
Pastor Tracy

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"Are You Persuaded”

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