It's Miss Margaret! (from Honduras with the help of some technology 🇭🇳)

Margaret Pfeiffer (aka Miss Margaret, our Children's Program Director) left us back in June to serve for six months in Honduras, a part of the world that has been close to her heart for many years. We were thrilled to be able to make her a part of our 2019 Missions Giving Plan (see button below for details) and to track with the impact she is having every day as she serves with our PAOC missionaries.

I thought that the best way to give a report on what she's been up to is to just hear it from her. Click the video and hear my conversation with Margaret!

By the way... we're 80% of the way to our Missions Giving goal for this year!! I'm thanking God for how each of you are walking in obedience to the call to be generous.

Looking forward to celebrating church life during our 5th Sunday service this weekend!
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

5th Sunday: Who’s Next?

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