Connecting For Real (like 'authentically' if that word wasn't a bit overworked)

These days you read a lot about things that are connected. We're reminded over and over again how we are the most connected people to ever walk the face of the earth. We practically hold everything there is to know about everything in the literal palm of our hand.

But you, like me, are probably also hearing how false all this connectivity really is when it comes to the things in life that matter. Depression and other mental illness is more and more common and people report never having felt more lonely even if their latest snap/tweet/post/pic had a record number of likes.

Here's the deal: You know as well as I do that we need people in our lives. Real people, not their digital avatar. We were meant to connect because when we do, well, a lot of great things are possible.

That's the opportunity we're offering up at Connecting Point. My relationship with Christ gets deeper and more sincere when I do it with others. My ability to grow is massively stunted when I try and do it on my own. So I don't. Connecting with others is on my calendar. It happens when it's cold and rainy, it happens when I've had an exhausting day, it happens when I'm celebrating a victory, it happens because I know I can't develop in my discipleship without it.

One of our core values at Freedom is Connecting: Building authentic relationships with God and others. Or, since 'authentic' might seem like a tired word, building real relationships. It's doesn't have to be at Connecting Point, of course. That's just a great option that we offer as a church to help you in becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ in this area.

So how are you connecting for real? Here's what's happening at Connecting Point that might get you started, or be the 'what's next' for you this fall. I'll be there - join me!

This group will focus on having peace and freedom in your finances by finding out what biblical principles we can learn and apply when it comes to money.

This study is a deep-dive into the gospel of John with relevant application from the life and teaching of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is a vital part of our life in Christ. This course walks you step by step through the basics of what the Bible teaches us about the Holy Spirit and how He makes life transformation possible. (Will include a podcast/video component that includes group members.)

Provides parents with the tools they need to help their children develop self-discipline, cooperation and problem-solving skills. (Registration is required.)

PLUS... we are offering everyone the chance to come for dinner before CP so that you can take the stress out of getting here on time and have a chance to get to know your church family better. #winwin

Of course, all of this information is on our website so that you can figure out if this would be a good way for you to make time to connect, for real. And even if it's not this, connecting is a core value for a reason. We believe that life in Christ gets deeper and richer when we pursue real relationships with God and one another.

Together in Christ,
Pastor Tracy

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