Praying Scripture (another way to read your bible, pray every day, grow, grow, grow)

Here's a devotional idea that you can incorporate into your personal discipleship this summer: praying scripture. This is especially practical if you want to increase your knowledge of the Word and your prayer life at the same time (who doesn't?).

There are so many beautiful prayers in scripture that can help to guide our own prayers. Sometimes we can't find the words to pray what's on our hearts, sometimes we're nervous about what we think we are allowed to say to God, sometimes we just don't know where to begin. Scripture can be a great guide for us

Here are a few great examples to get you started...

And, as you read the bible as part of your personal devotions, watch for prayers. I think you'll find it encouraging and like me, often find prayers that you can send to others to encourage them in the season they are in.

Be blessed as you pray the Word!
Pastor Tracy

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