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Reflection and Application

  • Q.1.    What are some dangers of thinking you are spiritually mature but aren’t?

  • Q.2.    Give an example of someone being spiritually nearsighted or blind?

  • Q.3.    What attitudes can contribute to spiritual amnesia?


  • Q.1.    What things do you do to test the level of your confidence in Christ?

  • Q.2.    How do you learn to use your abilities and rely on God at the same time?

  • Q.3.    What would you tell someone to do that lacked confidence in life and spiritual matters?


  • Q.1.    What evidence is there that you are becoming more competent in living each day productively?

  • Q.2.    What things do you do to develop competence spiritually?

  • Q.3.    What does God-given competence do for your overall well-being?


  • Q.1.    Why is it important to learn to be sure of your salvation at the beginning of your new life in Christ?

  • Q.2.    How do you stay eager about maintaining your spiritual progress?

  • Q.3.    What does having rock-solid assurance of your relationship with Christ do for your life in general?


  • Q.1.    Give an example of someone you know acting out of insecurity. How does that affect their lives generally? What would change for them ‘in Christ’?

  • Q.2.    Why would a Christian feel insecure if God has promised total security? What would you tell them is available to them?

  • Q.3.    What things do you do to maintain your sense of security in Christ for the present and the future? How do you involve the Holy Spirit in your daily disciplines?


  • Q.1.    What do you do to stay focused on preparing for your eternal destiny instead of pursuing what the world offers?

  • Q.2.    Why are you instructed to be eager to build up your faith continually? How are you doing that?

  • Q.3.    What does it mean to you that you are a co-heir with Christ as God’s child? How does believing this change your perspective about the present and the future?