"The difference now is that my life is not my life, it is for Him..."

Story submitted on January 30

It's funny how a person can sit here at a screen and have so much to be thankful for and sees so much in their life that The Lord is doing and beautifying and rectifying and renewing and building. It's funny how a person could not know how to put into words these AWESOME things so that others will know The Lord, so that others will know His heart and His will and His love for us!

Then I started writing and couldn't stop. So to the point: The Lord sometimes takes us to desperate places before we surrender. I'm one of those people who didn't get it, over and over and over, and then something changed. God uses messed up people and I never saw or knew that before, but I see it now. I was messed up, I was broken and He saw more in me.

My definition of submission before would have included a weakness, it would have included a feeling of being held back or missing out. How wrong was I?! Submitting to The Lord has been the most freeing thing I have ever done.

I hear Him speak, not in a voice as we would think of it. I feel The Spirit prompt me to say and do things I would never have thought of before. Life is different now, its not easier, bad things still happen, but the difference now is that it happens with Him. The difference now is that my life is not my life, it is for Him and to glorify Him.

Anonymously Submitted, Posted with Permission