"Experiencing God had become one more thing Hollywood had hijacked..."

Story Submitted on February 4

In my own life "experiencing God" had become one more thing Hollywood had hijacked. I would expect God to show up in parting waters and speak to me in burning bushes. I was always looking for the grand, explosive, history changing events where God would miraculously rescue me from my horrible situation or give direction for a new path in life. But sometimes...most times, God has quieter techniques at reaching me which penetrate my heart more accurately and inclusively than a burning bush.

I have experienced God in a good night sleep in the midst of devastation and prolonged anguish. God did not make my situation disappear but settled me down for a rejuvenating, precious sleep and awoken me peacefully, with a gentle whisper of "Now you are ready to get up and face your day. You can do this." 

Experiencing God has been in finding favour with people in many situations where there was no earthly reason for the positive outcome that occurred. 

I have experienced God by crying out to Him with specific needs and within minutes received an email from a friend addressing each of those needs word for word. That is not a coincidence.
I have used the name Emmanuel many times and understood it's meaning, God with us. Singing it one day in a common song God clearly whispered to me, "I AM with YOU! You are NOT alone". It's a whisper that crumpled me to my core. It consumed me more than a fire. And yet, not one person around me was aware of the experience that was unfolding. I can not put into words the meaning of God's whisper or its prevalence in my life at that moment. 

I have experienced God many times in many ways. Many of my experiences have been bigger than what I've shared here. Some of you here at Freedom have even been apart of them and didn't even know it. But it's in the little, every day, non-Hollywood scenarios that sometimes no one but yourself and God know about that we are all able to experience God if we humble ourselves and accept there are experiences waiting for us in all these little things and God is very excited for you to experience Him!

Remember the Samaritan woman at the well? Her experience with Jesus was quiet, simple, quick. There was no audience. There were no fireworks. The short recount of events would not sell at a box office. She was living an immoral life. Jesus spoke simple words. And in THIS moment she experienced Him.

Anonymously Submitted, Shared with Permission