Weekly Devotional (July 24)

Over the last week I’ve been watching our construction crew renovate the mudroom in the farmhouse. Certainly it wasn’t much to look at before but once the old materials started to come off the walls and the facades were removed, its true ugly began to show. To put it mildly, the condition of the old insulation (and unnamed other debris) had a look and smell that was truly, uh, unique. This room has served as an entrance to this house for decades but it didn’t take much digging to find out what it was really made of.

It’s easy to understand why Proverbs uses the metaphor of a home to describe a life of wisdom or one of folly. The condition of a home, its contents and the things you see laid out tell some of the story. But what’s behind the walls, how a home is built and what its foundations are set in are the true marks of a home’s character.

On Sunday we’ll take some time to look at the contrast, unpack the metaphor and then do a survey of what Proverbs has to say about building a House of Wisdom. Get a head start by reading through Proverbs 9 this week.

See you then,

P. Tracy