Weekly Devotional (August 7)

Have you ever felt a little foolish for something that you did or said? Perhaps it was a simple matter of acting before thinking it through, or speaking before you had all the facts, or doing something that seemed too good to be true and it turned out to be exactly that. We don’t like looking foolish and yet we still manage to do it every so often. Usually it ends up making us feel embarrassed, especially when others point out our folly to us. It can also cause us time and money, going back and fixing what we messed up unnecessarily.

Most often we realize that we could have saved ourselves a lot of grief if we had asked for advice from someone knowledgeable and put the information into practice. That’s actually one way to describe wisdom – the ability to put acquired knowledge to good use. It’s wise to seek out good counsel from a reliable source and apply what we learn to our own situation.

The Bible is full of excellent teaching about living life well. The Book of Proverbs in particular gives a wealth of insight to learn from. This Sunday I will look at what Proverbs has to say about the dangers of foolish behaviour and how to avoid it with godly wisdom. If you get some time over the next few days, take a look and see for yourself how many times the actions of the fool are contrasted with those of the wise throughout Proverbs. The results of being foolish are always negative and are therefore to be avoided. At the same time, you can protect yourself from playing the fool by gaining wisdom from God which will also enable you to reap the benefits of living wisely.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday to explore this further…..


Pastor Del