Freedom Devotional (June 4)

God’s favour continues…..

Last Sunday was an amazing day. In the morning I spoke about experiencing God’s favour based on Moses’ example of craving God’s presence and putting himself in the place where God could bless him. Whether on the top of the mountain receiving instructions from the Lord or in the tent of meeting inquiring of God or in the middle of the camp, Moses was desperate to have God up close and personal.

That sure made an impression on Joshua, Moses’ assistant at the time. He went where Moses went in order to be as close to God’s presence as he could. And he lingered just outside the tent of meeting even after Moses headed back to his next assignment. He couldn’t get enough of God. It’s the same for me…how about you?

It was a thrill to see so many of you respond to God at the end of the message last week. Younger and older were craving God together in a deep way and worshiping the Lord in brokenness and joy. There was a special move of the Holy Spirit evident among us as we basked in God’s awesome presence. And no one was in a hurry to leave…we were ready and willing let God have his way in us.

Fast forward to Sunday evening at Deep Roots. There was an ongoing sense of the Lord among us during the time of quiet worship and reflection as well as interceding together for God to do big things for our children, youth, adults, families, singles, community and church. I felt like the Holy Spirit was prompting us to follow him into a season of kingdom expansion and blessing evidenced by transformed lives and miraculous intervention and provision.

We do have the ongoing privilege to serve and impact our community with Christ’s love so that many will meet and follow Jesus. That is our vision…transformed lives impacting our world. That’s why we want and need the ongoing favour of God upon us. Certainly there is great personal benefit by being in the centre of the Holy Spirit’s work and because of that, the people around us are touched by God’s blessing through us.

I encourage you to make Moses’ prayer your own each day: “Teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favour with you.” (Exodus 33:13) Keep craving more of God so that you know and understand him and his ways better and in so doing be constantly in the position of God’s favour.

Thank you for your support for Anthony and Barbara Pennings and their kids. As we heard Sunday, progress is being made in Manitoulin and the region around them in the lives of children, youth and adults. Remember Anthony in prayer as he meets with the neurologist this week to find answers for the tremors that he is dealing with. Your financial support is also appreciated to enable them to do their good work.

This Sunday Sam Welten will be with us bringing us an update on the work of Possibilities International. We will be receiving an offering for that ministry at the end of the service. It’s going to be a great time of worshiping together with special help from our Kmotion kids as well as our monthly Communion celebration.

God’s favour continues…spend these next days praying the prayer of Moses with thankful and expectant hearts. There’s no better place to be than in God’s presence.


Pastor Del