Revelation - Armageddon Isn't Sci-Fi (Freedom Devotional February 17)

I imagine that some of you are still recovering from the message last Sunday. We covered a lot of ground as we looked at the events of the Tribulation from start to finish. I hope that you took some time this week to explore things that caught your attention. We do that at CP1 every Wednesday evening in smaller groups. Join us if you haven’t already and you’ll discover the benefits of learning and growing together.

This Sunday I’m going to speak to you about four major things that happen after the Tribulation ends. There is a lot of interest in these occurrences both inside and outside of the church. When you read about them it can sound like some of the science fiction movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read. Fascination with the supernatural and unexplainable is everywhere. Check out how many television programs or online series and documentaries have a supernatural theme. There are lots of them.

It makes it a bit difficult then for people to read Revelation and not treat it like sci-fi. The images and events are hard to relate to in terms of the physical, temporal realm. The truth is that it is only the Holy Spirit in us that can help us to understand what God wants us to know about what’s happening in the spiritual realm. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to grasp the message and he will do it.

You’ve probably heard people refer to the battle of Armageddon in any number of ways. Again, it’s often cited in reference to some galactic battle of fiction or the next major war involving many nations. But Armageddon is real and it is going to happen. Revelation reveals that this event takes place after the seven-year Tribulation and will be the greatest war ever to occur that involves every nation on earth. Who are the opponents and how will it turn out? I’ll answer those questions and more this week.

We will also talk about the Millennial Kingdom of 1,000 years following Armageddon, Satan’s ultimate doom and punishment and the final judgment of every person who has ever lived who did not believe in and worship God. These four major things are set up to happen anytime soon. That’s a sobering thought.

To get prepared, read the scriptures from Revelation 19:11 through to the end of chapter 20. Remember to refer to your timeline to keep what’s happening in context.

I trust that you are still enjoying our time in Revelation. Aren’t you thankful that God has given us a heads up for what’s coming? Above all, let the messages and scriptures remind you of the most important thing for all of us to do every single day – Be ready!

Have an amazing day…. See you Sunday.

Pastor Del