More on Spirit Baptism (lots of resources for you)

On Sunday we celebrated Pentecost and I shared about how vital it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that a lot of us don't come from a pentecostal background and this might be something new that you'd like to study more. Here are some resources to get you started and as always, don't hesitate to reach out to me with more questions or insights. I'd love to hear your story and share in your journey.

Be filled!
Pastor Tracy

SCRIPTURE: The Book of Acts

BLOG: Why do Pentecostals care so much about SPIRIT BAPTISM? (Andrew Gabriel)

COURSE: Life in the Spirit (Del Wells)

EBOOK: Sprit Baptism in the Old and New Testament (Andrew Gabriel)

BOOK: The Charismatic Theology of St. Luke (Roger Stronstad)

BOOKLET: A Scriptural Outline of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit (George Gilles)

POSITION PAPER: Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Assemblies of God)

NEXT STEP: Deep Roots (next one is July 3rd @ 6:30pm)

This Sunday

Speaking The Truth
"WikiHow to Dad”

Join us on Sunday at 10am as our Pastor Del shares a Father’s Day message.

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Living Generously (what's next for giving?)

On Sunday I took a few moments to share our 2019 Missions Giving Plan with you. Living generous lives doesn't happen by accident. It happens when we are intentional with our resources, making everything available to God to use for His kingdom. It happens when we think of everything we have in this life as a gift to steward and we recognize who the true Owner is. This is true of all of our resources: our time, our talent and our finances.

Rob and I invite you to join our family as we make a financial plan for this coming year that demonstrates our commitment to stewarding our resources and stretches our faith in new ways. We continue to set aside our tithe first and ask God to show us how else we can support mission and ministry sacrificially. I'm not just giving lip service when I tell you that we love to do this because of the freedom and blessing we find in generosity. We want to grow in this area of discipleship and we encourage you to make this a part of what's next for you, too!

The button below will take you the plan for our church's plan to give to missions this year. If you weren't here on Sunday go ahead and click on that so you can join us in giving over and above this year.

Can't wait to get started,
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

Know God

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Del concludes our series.

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Need a NEXT step? (we can help!)

All this month we've been asking the question, "What's next?" The truth is that nothing in your life stays the same for very long. Even if we feel like we're in a rut of some kind there are still things changing all around you, one season moving into the next. We see in scripture that this truth applies to our choice to be a follower of Jesus as well. There is no instruction in the Bible to have faith in Christ and then check that off of your life goals list. There is a constant calling to grow and be challenged, to study and learn, and to step forward day by day as a fully devoted disciple.

As we've been considering this we want to follow it up with the most practical next steps that we can think of. When you're ready to take on something new and go deeper in your spiritual life and your knowledge of God, how do you choose from the ocean of content that is available these days? That's the question we want to help to answer.

You're invited to NEXT. It's simply just a page on our website that will help you to step into your next discipleship challenge. It's separated into three categories:

  • Life Transformation Courses (a place to begin if you need to build a foundation)

  • NEXT Training (courses and resources to take you deeper)

  • Connect & Train (options for discipleship that you can do with others)

Check it out! We're only just getting started and there are already lots of options for you. Next month we will be launching our first ever video/podcast course that will be accessible to you from wherever you have an internet connection. And, there is lots more on the horizon. Our intent is that tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now and beyond, you can just keep coming back to NEXT and literally find something to help you with what's next on your personal discipleship journey.

Oh, and by the way, if you have ideas for content or topics that would help you take your next steps as a follower of Jesus, I would LOVE to hear them. Find me here.

So, what's next, Freedom?
Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

Part 3

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Tracy continues our series.

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Points of Connection (what's next for CP1?)

As I mentioned on Sunday, everything we do here at Freedom has to line up with our core values. If we have it on the calendar then it should be obvious how it helps us to connect, train or impact. Along with that we are working to give each of you more options in each of these categories that don't add more programs but do equip each disciple in their next stage of growth.

With that firmly in our sights, we are mixing up the format of Connecting Point 1 on Wednesday nights. Here's what will stay the same:

  • Time and Place: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00, at Freedom

  • Youth meet in the FCC

  • KidzConnect for kids in JK to Grade 6

  • Nursery care for infants and Preschoolers

  • Group studies and discussion to challenge your spiritual growth

What's changing is your options. Instead of every group doing studying the same content and asking the same questions, you have the opportunity to choose a group that best answers the question: What's next on your discipleship journey?

Here are the options that will begin on Wednesday, January 30 and run for 12 weeks (not including March Break)...

Everything You Need - a study of 2 Peter 1:3-11 

  • led by Pastor Del and Arlene Wells, second group discussion table led by Jim & Kelly Klujber as needed

  • requires personal study time during the week

  • hard copies of the course will be provided

  • each week will include a teaching time by Pastor Del followed by small group discussion

NOTE: This course will also be offered online via video teaching beginning in February. 

Life in the Spirit - second course in the Life Transformation series

  • led by Erin and Matt Jamieson

  • this course follows First Steps, as completed at CP1 in Fall 2018

  • no homework required

  • hard copies of the course will be provided (also available for any e-reader)

  • small group format

Making Sense of God & The Great Omission (Book Studies)

  • SIGN-UP IS REQUIRED (click here)

  • led by Pastor Tracy Dunham

  • requires reading chapters during the week

  • books must be purchased or borrowed (ebooks and audiobooks are available)

  • group discussion format

  • Making Sense of God is by Timothy Keller and focuses on apologetics in the real world

  • The Great Omission is by Dallas Willard and is a discipleship challenge

Is it just me or is that VERY exciting? I can't wait to get started.

It's a new year with a chance for a new focus and a fresh challenge. Will you join us?

Pastor Tracy

This Sunday

Part 2

Join us on Sunday at 10am as Bjorn continues our series.

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Connect. Train. Impact. (ICYMI on 5th Sunday)

Core Values - Discipleship Model.jpg

During our 5th Sunday service at the end of September I shared our vision and core values with you. This is an exciting time to be serving this church - some days I can hardly believe how amazing our opportunities are.

If you weren't able to be with us on September 30th, here is a link to the message.

As a brief recap, we believe that it is vital for every follower of Christ to be:

  • Connecting - with God and others

  • Training - learning to think and act like Jesus

  • Impacting - influencing the world around you for Christ

Without these elements you'll find your discipleship unbalanced. But when you engage with God, go deeper in your knowledge of Him and His Word and let that spill out into your daily mission field, you are on the path to daily transformation in Christ. That's where I want to be!

We know there are lots of ways for you to engage in these core values. We want you to know that we are committed to providing you meaningful opportunities to engage in each of these spheres in growing and challenging ways.

In case you didn't get a chance to browse through our ministry fair, we've made all of the information available on our website. (See the button below.) You'll notice that the contact information for each opportunity to connect, train or impact is on the bottom of the card so feel free to send the ministry leader an email and ask any questions you might have.

However you're doing it, whether inside or outside if the scope of Freedom Church, we are all excited to be a part of your discipleship journey as you connect, train and impact. The church is not this building or these programs, it's the people who join together to follow Christ with their whole lives as a local expression of His body. If you're reading this as part of Freedom church - we're glad you're a part of this family. If you're not, let me encourage you to engage in these core values wherever you are!

Honoured to connect, train and impact with you,

Pastor Tracy


This Sunday


Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Tracy continues our fall series.

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