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Everything You Need by Del Wells

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Guiding Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11

Studying God’s Names & Attributes:

YouVersion Reading Plan:
The Names of God (by Dr. Tony Evans)

Reflection and Application

  • Q.1    How important is it that righteousness, faith, grace and peace are gifts from God?

  • Q.2    Why is it important that God has unlimited power?

  • Q.3    Why is it important that God is breathtakingly awesome?

  • Q.4    Why is it important that God is perfectly good?

  • Q.5    What motivated you to embrace God as your Creator and Benefactor?

  • Q.6    What are some benefits for you to accept that God is the one who willingly gives you righteousness, faith and the ability to know him deeply?

  • Q.7    How has your understanding of God expanded by this focus on his attributes of power, glory and goodness?

  • Q.8 What are you asking the Holy Spirit to do in your pursuit of a close relationship with God?

  • Q.9 Memorize 2 Peter 1:3. Quote it every day as often as you can.

  • Q.10 For further study of God, search the Biblical names, titles and attributes of God and learn what they teach us about God. (see website suggestions above)