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Everything You Need by Del Wells

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Guiding Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11

Promises of God:

Reflection and Application

  • Q.1 What are the things God is going to do regardless of our response?

  • Q.2 What are other examples of conditional promises of God?

  • Q.3 Describe how believing God’s promises are ‘yes’ in Christ gives you confidence in any situation.

  • Q.4 Describe how the Holy Spirit enables you to become more godly.

  • Q.5 What is the potential of the Holy Spirit replacing a sinful desire with a godly one in you?

  • Q.6 How do you recognize when you have experienced a promise of God? What do you do next?

  • Q.7 What are some things you know that God has promised you ‘in Christ’?

  • Q.8 Why is it beneficial to remind yourself regularly of God’s promises to you?

  • Q.9 What has recognizing that you ‘participate in the divine nature’ by believing and experiencing God’s promises encouraged you to do?

  • Q.10 Give an example of you being able to ‘escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires’ as God promised you would.

  • Q.11 Make a list of your benefits of being ‘in Christ’. Ask the Holy Spirit to keep you aware of your favoured position in Christ.

  • Q.12. Memorize 2 Peter 1:4.

  • Q.13. Quote 2 Peter 1:3 from memory.