NEXT Episode 4 : Everything You Need - Chapter 3

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Reflection and Application

  • Q.1.    What are some consequences of focusing on needs without involving God?

  • Q.2.    What are some practical things you do to stay Kingdom-focused at all times?

  • Q.3.    How does believing God has met your needs simplify your life and reduce stress?

  • Q.4.    What are some benefits of becoming more godly in every aspect of your life?

  • Q.5.    How is it both thrilling and overwhelming to understand and accept that you are a child of God?

  • Q.6.    What things do you do to remind yourself that God takes good care of his children?

  • Q.7.    What would you have said were your greatest needs before reading this lesson?

  • Q.8.    How is it beneficial for you to relate everything in your life to these three major needs: daily living, being godly and obeying your calling

  • Q.9.    What do you do to acknowledge your need of God’s daily provision?

  • Q.10. What things do you have in place to learn what it means to be godly and act like it?

  • Q.11. What are some benefits and responsibilities of belonging to God’s family?

  • Q.12. Ask the Holy Spirit to reinforce in you the reality that God has already provided everything you need so that you live each day with confident expectation.

  • Q.13. Quote 2 Peter 1:3 from memory.