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Everything You Need by Del Wells

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Guiding Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11


  1. Be Proactive

  2. Be Realistic

  3. Be Positive

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Reflection and Application


  • Q.1 What does your level of effort in spiritual growth say about your commitment to Christ

  • Q.2 How is it beneficial that the Bible presents qualities that are essential for spiritual maturity?

  • Q.3 What have you established as the basis and foundation of your faith?

  • Q.4 What does growing your faith in God look like in your everyday life?

  • Q.5 What things do you do to exercise your faith so that it gets stronger?

  • Q.6 Memorize Hebrews 11:1.


  • Q.1 Why is trying to be a good person without God’s help often disappointing?

  • Q.2 Focusing on God is a great way to think. Do you have another example that fits?

  • Q.3 Why is it beneficial for you to think more about good and less about bad?

  • Q.4 What are some ways Jesus modelled moral excellence for us to emulate?

  • Q.5 How important is it to plan to be and do good every day? What does that require?

  • Q.6 What resources has God given you to grow your goodness?


  • Q.1 How does knowing more about the other person deepen your relationship with them?

  • Q.2 How can the Holy Spirit, the Bible and prayer increase your capacity to know God deeply?

  • Q.3 What does knowing God more look like in your everyday life? What evidence is there?

  • Q.4 What things do you include God in during your regular routine? How do you do it?

  • Q.5 What does an increasing knowledge of God do for your faith and goodness?


  • Q.1 Why is it encouraging to realize that spiritual self-control is a work of the Holy Spirit in you?

  • Q.2 Give an example of being able to do the best thing when tempted not to.

  • Q.3 What does adding self-control look like in your everyday life? How do you engage with the Holy Spirit?

  • Q.4 What areas of your life are you lacking self-control? How are you addressing that?

  • Q.5 Why is it advantageous to have the ability to say ‘No’ to sinful and non-beneficial activities?

  • Q.6 How does self-control help you to be obedient to God’s will for your life?


  • Q.1 Why do many people not stick to what they know they should?

  • Q.2 How does the Holy Spirit’s offer of supernatural perseverance encourage you

  • Q.3 What do you do each day to increase your spiritual perseverance?

  • Q.4 Why is it helpful to picture yourself in a spiritual race with a finish line to cross

  • Q.5 How do you learn to value your eternal crown more than anything this world has to offer?

  • Q.6 In what ways might you have to endure people as well as circumstances in order to persevere?


  • Q.1 Why is training a good word to describe the process of maturing spiritually

  • Q.2 What things are affected when you choose to glorify God in whatever you do?

  • Q.3 What does becoming more godly look like for you on a daily basis? What changes occur?

  • Q.4 What spiritual training exercises have you embedded into your schedule to condition you to think and act more like Jesus?

  • Q.5 How does it encourage you to know that God has already made available to you everything you need to be godly ‘in Christ’?


  • Q.1 What are some things that would improve drastically if everyone was kind

  • Q.2 Why would you agree that showing kindness is actually evidence of inner strength?

  • Q.3 Why should Christ followers be known for their kindness?

  • Q.4 How do you prepare yourself to show kindness to others naturally?

  • Q.5 Why would you agree that practicing brotherly kindness begins at home?

  • Q.6 How do you show kindness and stay true to your convictions at the same time?


  • Q.1 How does it encourage you that God shows you how to love others?

  • Q.2 Why should Spirit-filled believers be the most loving people in the world?

  • Q.3 Why is self-sacrificing love such a major theme in the Bible?

  • Q.4 How significant is it for you to learn to see others more like Jesus does?

  • Q.5 What things do you do to help mature your love towards others?

  • Q.6 Why would this list of eight spiritual qualities to develop be incomplete without love?